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Applicators referred for areas Listed below Are independent Business owners
registered with us. They have been selected after having successfully installed
our product On a Number of Swimming Pools with good report and have entered into
a contractual undertaking with us to offer guarantees and after-sale service.
We refer them in good faith as an additional service offering to the public.

Please Discuss the workmanship guarantee, conditions of sale and Obtain
References directly from them when making use of their services

Pool Solutions supplies the product to registered applicators at a dealer's price level and minimum profit gain. We are not involved in the application, swimming pool maintenance, water treatment etc. or has profited directly from the installation.
The guarantee offered by the contractor is therefore solely the responsibility of the contractor who is legally bound by
written undertaking with you, the client. We have a back-to-back product replacement agreement (at factory cost level)
with dealers and DIY customers in case of a repair, regardless of the cause of failure or damage within the three year
period following application. Contact us for the Contractor Details in Your Area where available.


Contact - Business Area Cell / Tel Email :     "(AT)" = "@"

Attie Fourie
A & L Maintenance
(Listed 2014)

PRETORIA, JOHANNESBURG, Midrand, Kyalami, Centurion 083 6072 798
079 094 7545

Stephen Foster
Renew-it Roof & Pool
(Listed 2016)

Eastrand, Randburg, Springs, Nigel Edenvale 073 016 7623

Okkie Storm
AtoZ Renovation
(Listed 2017)

Randfontein, Krugersdorp, Hartebeestpoort, Magaliesburg, Brits, Sundra, East Rand 081 737 4483
Robert Nicholls
(Listed 2016)
CAPE TOWN, Somerset West, Helderberg 072 397 3880
Martin Willemse
Techmec Services
(LIsted 2016)
DURBAN, North Coast, South Coast 082 924 8633
032 946 2539
Garry Sunderland
(Listed: 2009)
DURBAN, Bluff, South Coast, North Coast 073 043 3800
Ruben Knoetze
Pretzen Pools and Renovations
(Listed 2015)

BLOEMFONTEIN, 300km radius, Kimberley, Potch,Klerksdorp
Nico or Noelene
Designer Pools
(Listed: 2010)
PIET RETIEF, Northern Natal, Pongola, Melmoth 034 9810 444
083 6619 945

André van der Berg
Epoxy Pool And Pond
(Listed 2015)

GEORGE, Knysna, Mosselbaai, Oudtshoorn 083 750 9305

Willie Blofield
(Listed 2012)

Groblersdal, Middelburg, Marble Hall 072 0100 005

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Please note for DIY projects:
When making use of your own private worker or a referenced worker/applicator to apply a DIY kit, the client is responsible for the supervision and quality control. We do not cover the workmanship guarantee. The guarantee conditions as per last page on our DIY application instructions are applicable to qualify for our 3-year product replacement guarantee.



Pool Solutions Factory


pool paint

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A niche market is ready for an alternative solution at the right price

Dealers are invited to test and market our unique and proven EPOXY POOL PAINT SYSTEM. Epoxy coatings for swimming pools is a rapidly growing market in South Africa. This solution satisfies a large niche segment between the conventional, stain-ridden marble plaster and more expensive fiberglass alternative at a much lower cost implication.  from 1998 we have been specializing in the marketing and application of quality epoxy coatings for the swimming pool market specifically.

Our product is specificallly developed for submerged conditions and is not a derivative from the traditional floor coating industry formulations. We ffer a specialized primer epoxy, tested to offer bond strenght up to 400psi to marbelite, cement, concrete or fibreglass and a topcoat epoxy that is UV resistant, water and chemical resistant to a high degree to ensure maximum lifespan under controlled conditions.

Many customers have experienced the maintenance problems related to conventional marble plaster and are looking for a "POOL PAINT" solution to battle the continuous algae control and staining problems, or just to renew that old stained swimming pool.  More than 800 000 swimming pools in South Africa provides ample business opportunities for the expansion of an existing business or to start up a new venture in your area.  

Normal off-the shelve cement-based "paint" solutions is not the answer for a sustainable, algae-resistant paint solution. Our specially formulated, 4-layer epoxy paint offers deep penetration and bonding and a gloss enamel finish.We manufacture our own unique and advanced 4-layer epoxy pool paint system. Our epoxy ensures durability by utilizing no less than four layers of epoxy (resin and hardener combinations) strengthened by a high content of silica quarts and UV stabilized pigments. Our top-coat formulation is a high-solids (96%), almost solvent-free formulation with the latest curing agent technologies offering high chemical resistance, non-yellowing (UV) qualities and water-spot resistance (our product will not yellow from early rain or high humidity conditions shortly after application). Within 3-4 hours (normal temperatures), rain will not damage the newly applied coating.

In the past, fiberglass linings and re-marblite solutions were the only options available to solve maintenance problems. To re-surface marble plastered, cement plastered or gunite pool surfaces comes with a steep price tag.  Epoxy coatings now offer a very cost-effective solution to these problems.  

With new swimming pools being built every day, this is an ever growing market as many of today's new swimming pools will become our business within the next 2 -10 years. To be listed as a reputable applicator on our website, we will require that the new dealer is in operation for 6 months and at least three of his own installations successfully done. He must have a drive towards customer service with a solid capital backing to sustain on-going business and to offer a workmanship guarantee to existing clients for 3-years.

The product you receive from us is sampled from the same bulk stock mixed for our own installation teams. Any repairs or product loss will be replaced at our material inout cost level for a specific installation.

Our product has been tested by our own installation teams, dealers and DIY clients on more than 10 000 swimming pools country-wide with a 99% success rate. Failures may occur in 1-2% of swimming pools due to unforseen ciscumstances like weather interference, pool structural deficiencies, excessive reverse osmosis through porous structures etc. Many of these problems can however be minimised as experience increases and can be detected beforehand by the experienced applicator. We are there to help and guide you through installation challenges. Even if you run into these unforeseen mishaps, no matter what, rest assured that all our dealers enjoy the benefit of product replacement at factory cost, that is our agreement with all customers.

Remember this is a relatively thin-layer solution that needs a solid, problem-free surface to sustain the coating. If structural repairs are necessary, this must be resolved first, if these repairs are not within your expertise, do not epoxy-coat the pool.

Our swimming pool paint can also be applied on fiberglass, the solidness and undamaged substrate is of course essential for the success of the final result. Some "pool paint" or "epoxy" products are offered of-the-shelve, but many customers have tried these and soon realized that there is pool paint, and then there is a specialized epoxy pool coating.  The one offers no guarantee and a very short life expectancy of 6-18 months. A well-developed and specialized epoxy product could offer up to 8 or even 10 years service.  Maintenance and refurbishing the epoxy pool paint layer after this period is cost-effective and easy as only the top-coat layers need to be sanded and recoated. Spot-repairs are also possible. Any fibreglass, cement-type finish, concrete or gunite can be coated with our pool paint, it stick to almost anything offering a good mechanical bond.

As a business partner you can rest assured of our friendly service, commitment and on-going support.  We are constantly researching and improving our products as new developments become available from the chemical and coatings industry.  We have perfected our methods and our products by constant development, upgrading to the latest in UV-resistant pigments, high performance industrial quality concrete primers and our highly chemical resistant topcoat epoxy. We have thousands of satisfied DIY clients as well as more than 10 000 installations.

As a proven dealer (after 6 months and at least 3 successful installations) you may receive client refernces from enquiries posted through this website. Our website is highly Search Engine Friendly and for most pool paint or pool repair related search phrases attract between 4000-6000 targeted visitors each month. When we are confident you have successfully obtained your first few customers and have successfully refurbished their swimming pools, you may start to receive the references in your area from potential customers enquiring on this website. You should however not be dependent on our references in order to sustain your business. Introduce this solution through marketing efforts in your area and see how this product will sell itself with on-going growth and popularity!

Listing on this page

Dealers can be listed with full contact details and a display ad on this webpage. These are payment options and details will be forwarded after registration.

Registration fee

We constantly receive requests from so-called interested dealers who would like to buy our product at a discounted dealers' price. In an effort to filter fly-by-night operators and reduce the amount of "fake" dealer requests from people trying to misuse this dealership offer, we have a policy that applicant dealers will be required to sign a contract with us and will be charged a registration fee. This is minimal and can be recovered during your first few sales/installations.



Click on this to link to submit your details and we will contact you shortly. Please give us a background of your business, products and your marketing plan for this product.

To start up, all you need is a small or medium size utility van, two workers, some hardware, a few basic tools and some good old determination and motivation. You will need adequate capital to start marketing and sustain your business for at least 6 months without profit until your marketing and advertising campaign starts to sustain your business with constant sales. If you do not have R 30 000 - R 50 000 available in backup capital, you will probably not be able to get this business of the ground.

We will contact you to discuss your plans and will forward you the following information in Afrikaans or English:

Letter to applicant dealer

Application instructions

Product descriptions you may also use for marketing

Dealers pricelist,

Photographic material for marketing purposes


Pool Paint Installation TeamMany DIY clients have successfully used our extensive step-by-step application notes and online videos to prepare and paint their own swimming pools. 

The capable handyman should be able to get the job done easily following our detailed application instructions and online videos.

We can also refer you to an independent very experienced and trusted worker/applicator who will visit you and do the complete installation for you while you monitor and assist. You will have to order the product from us and supply the required hardware needed for the installation.



Dear Gerhard,

I take this opportunity to thank A&L Maintenance for their professionalism and high standard of workmanship displayed when attending to our pool repairs.

We have in the past had various contractors who did absolutely shoddy work or simply failed to show. Attie and his team were always on time, prepared and extremely helpful. Their work area was consistently clean and their staff friendly and well informed.

After the previous disappointments we were relieved to find a team who still pride themselves on excellent customer service and an end product that exceeded our expectations. Please extend our sincere thanks to your contractor and thank you for the recommendation.

Kind regards Riana and Righard
Palm Hollander Attorneys